Built using Sydney University’s data management system HEURIST, our current data-set includes over two thousand audio entries extracted from the 2005 computer game Civilization IV. HEURIST is a free platform for scholars in the digital humanities that facilitates online database construction, mixed-media assets, and dynamic data visualization.

audio filesAudio Files: Faceted Search and Sample Report
GameSound’s initial dataset consists of 2178 audio files sourced from a Windows installation of Civilization IV. Users can interact with the dataset using an in-browser faceted search or may view a sample report (which includes all entries that currently contain both a screenshot and an associated video file).
movie filesMovie Files: Faceted Search and Sample Report
In addition to audio files, GameSound’s dataset also includes movies and cut-scenes featured in Civilization IV. Users can interact with this data – featuring 34 individual video clips hosted through YouTube – using both an in-browser faceted search and a simple web report.
Sound Classification
In addition to various types of technical classification (file size, duration, and more) GameSound utilizes the IEZA framework: a two dimensional method of describing sound in computer games. This section outlines some of the methodological frameworks that were utilized for the project.