Article in Digital Studies/Le champ numérique.

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GameSound has been published in the latest issue of Digital Studies/Le champ numérique! The article is a review of GameSound’s development as a digital humanities project and is entitled GameSound, Quantitative Games Analysis, and the Digital Humanities. The abstract, citation, and link can be found below:

This article relates to the 2018 CSDH/SCHN conference proceedings. This paper outlines Michael Iantorno’s and Melissa Mony’s experiences with quantitative game analysis by summarizing the first year of development of the prototype ludomusicological database GameSound. To further the discussion, this article also summarizes and analyzes the work of fellow digital humanities scholar Jason Bradshaw, who applied intriguing types of tool-based analysis to BioShock Infinite. To conclude, the paper hypothesizes where this type of research could lead in the future: both for GameSound and for other projects using similar methods and methodologies.

Iantorno, Michael. 2020. “GameSound, Quantitative Games Analysis, and the Digital Humanities.” Digital Studies/Le champ numérique 10(1): 2, pp. 1–17. DOI: